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By Tess Cotter in Basic Income, May 15 2023

OpenResearch is now over halfway through conducting what continues to be the most comprehensive demonstration and evaluation of a long-term cash assistance program in the United States. We are grateful for all of the interest we have received in this groundbreaking research project. The study will provide new data addressing pivotal sets of research questions about the effects of unconditional cash transfers as well as the causes and consequences of poverty, including questions around time use, financial security and the quality of work, health and well-being, scarcity and decision making, and political and social engagement.

At the study’s conclusion, we will have both rigorous quantitative answers to important policy questions and qualitative material that will allow for deeper understanding and contextualizing of the results.

OpenResearch is funded by donations from individual philanthropists and entrepreneurs, foundations, businesses, strategic partners, and research grants from organizations including the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

We operate, alongside our community of program partners, within the context of a number of guiding values. Protecting participants’ privacy and well-being is our highest priority, followed by ensuring the rigor and integrity of the research. For these reasons, we have not discussed specific details related to the project publicly while the program is ongoing, but we look forward to sharing findings widely once it is complete.

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